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  • 05/14/2019 3:13 PM
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    The Art of Ecstasy: From Sexual Disconnect to Sexual Bliss 12 session webinar for individuals and couples is available on our Namasté Center For Healing Website! If your clients are interested in exploring sexuality on a deeper level with an introduction to Tantra, this is a beautiful and tasteful way to improve their sensual connection with themselves and their partner. 

  • 01/31/2019 7:57 PM
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    Mom Stress Conquered! - 4 Week Class targeting stress, overwhelm and mom guilt.

    This 4 week class is focused on teaching busy moms foundational tools designed to significantly lower stress and mom guilt. Motherhood carries many responsibilities and often times moms feel like no matter what they do, it's not enough. The result is feelings of stress, overwhelm, and mom guilt. Regardless of the reasons behind these negative feelings, participants come away from this class understanding how to better manage their emotions despite circumstances out of their control. Classes are held Tuesday evenings from 8:00-9:00 pm.  Two rounds of classes are scheduled at this time for 2019.  The first class begins March 5, ending Mar 26.  The second class begins April 2, ending April 23. Classes will be held at the Brighten Wellness Counseling office located in the newly remodeled Historic Rock Loft building in Fruit Heights, Utah. Classes will be taught by Tiffany J Trump, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Life Coach. Tiffany specializes in women's emotional health. Class size is limited. More information and registration can be found at

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    Gottman Seven Principles Program for Couples - Ongoing

    Julie Peaslee, CMHC is a trained and certified Gottman Seven Principles Leader and facilitates an ongoing Gottman Seven Principles Program. This is a workshop series for couples in committed relationships based on the latest research about what makes marriages succeed, what happens when relationships deteriorate and fail, and strategies for improving relationships. The workshop consists of six consecutive ninety-minute psycho-educational and interactive group sessions held on a weekly basis, typically in the evening. The workshop is limited to five couples.

    The Seven Principles Program encourages and assists couples in becoming informed about effective, connecting, and mature relationship behaviors and strategies. It helps couples articulate goals, expectations, and time frames for working on their relationship in a positive way, and encourages both partners to work on the relationship, rather than one partner working alone. It can be motivating to be with other couples who are also working on improving their relationships.

    For more information and details about this ongoing workshop series, please contact Julie Peaslee, CMHC at (385) 831-4238.  The workshop is held at 275 East South Temple, Suite 110 in Salt Lake City.

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    Group trainings for clients that do not have a traditional group focus. 

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